J.T. Johnson

J.T. Johnson

Executive Producer/CEO

J.T. Johnson is a Producer/Writer/Director from Atlanta Georgia. J.T. started his career in broadcast radio as a Production Director, where he would oversee creative for the station’s clientele. Writing scripts, performing voiceovers and ultimately producing the spots that aired.

In 2006 he went freelance and produced radio commercials for 12 broadcast groups throughout the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia. During the economic downturn of 2008, he changed gears and shifted into regional automotive advertising. His specialty was hard hitting creative that motivated consumers to go out and buy cars.

During his time in automotive advertising, J.T. became the Creative Director and was instrumental in growing the agency from 43 dealership groups to 96 comprised of 143 individual dealerships. During this time, he was engaged in the production of countless tv commercials for the regional market but also began to fall in love with video and the medium of visual storytelling. In 2017 he moved to Atlanta as an editor but was drawn into production management.

Skilled at organizing people with projects, he was quickly promoted to Post-Production Coordinator where he ensured quality and timeliness for clients and networks. Not long after, he was again promoted to Production Manager overseeing the day-to-day logistics some of the largest television shows in the family friendly landscape including “1onONE” and “Your World with Creflo” until finally being named Executive Producer of the Atlanta based late night talk show “The STUDIO with Damon Davis”.

He began THEBiGJAY Productions in mid-2019 and continues to work in Atlanta as a Development Producer and recently completed a talk show pilot and is currently in negotiations to sell that along with going into production on a streaming docuseries show.