Our Company

THEBiGJAY, is a family of creative people dedicated to doing a “thing” big and doing it right!

THEBiGJAY Productions, LLC is comprised of several key people that come from the worlds of national commercial advertising agencies, broadcast television networks, the indie film industry, and broadcast radio. Each of them dedicated to “making cool stuff”. The company is divided into specialty areas.


Our development team works tirelessly with our Story Group to develop original properties. Through rigorous, daily assessment of the current industry trends we seek to add to the zeitgeist a constant stream of relevant programming that entices viewership and builds audience retention. The development team is also responsible for discovering outside, existing IP’s that we can option rights to for development into a mass market product. Lastly the development team engages with creators looking to partner with them in finding financing and developing a project through to its final conclusion, which is a network or streaming service purchase of that IP and a full development deal.


The story group is made up of inhouse writers and producers. This group serves the sole purpose of reimagining stories and creating new worlds, engaging characters, thought provoking dialogue, and ultimately giving voice to the stories we tell. The story group handles, treatments, character creation, series pilots, season breakdowns and so much more. They are responsible for ensuring the consistency of an IP’s “voice” from pitch, to pilot, and marketing materials, if it is written, the story group oversees it.


We are more than the sum of our parts, but THEBiGJAY is a family of creative people dedicated to doing a thing big and doing it right. As the company grows, more teams will be added, until then we use a collection of partner service providers to fulfill other aspects of our business in the execution of our mission.