About Us

THEBiGJAY Productions, is a developer of serialized television (TV), digital series, and other mainstream produced content. Our creative team develops, unique and original intellectual properties (IP’s) for all serialized content distribution platforms. Along with original content, we work with independent partner creators in order to develop their own IP’s. Collectively, everyone on the team has over 80 years experience in the film and television industry.

Beside development, we engage, partner service providers, to film and produce this content, in the form of TV Pilots, Pitch Pilots, and Proof of Concept materials, which enables us to represent our interests, or those of our partner creators in the sale of such IP to terrestrial television networks, digital streaming services, or other non-traditional distribution platforms. At this time we are specializing in unscripted content such as talk shows, instructional programs, reality shows, and docuseries. Although our development team is quickly preparing and co-developing a number of scripted offerings as well.

In the area of scripted programming, our focus is currently on, what is generally called “genre” programming. Specific examples of genre categories include: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comedy, and drama, or more precisely any work of fiction, not based on real or historical events, people, or places.

Current networks we are in active negotiations with include: NBC Universal, CW Networks, A&E Television Networks, Discovery, Netflix, and Janson Media. Our purpose is to create the best product on traditional and new media platforms for audiences of all ages, races, cultures, and social cross sections.

It is also, the commitment of this company to be at the forefront of the ‘workplace diversity’ conversation. We commit to operating a creative space that is gender neutral with all individuals, regardless of gender or gender identity, being provided equal opportunity to succeed. We commit to operating a creative space that is racially unbiased for all individuals, believing that ONLY through cultural diversity will all of the stories yet to be told, see the light.